Affiliate Programs in India

Can any body survive only based on the adsense income ? What the harm if we can earn some extra revenue with these affiliate programs in india. Todays lots of people are  looking for extra income opportunities through online business beside their regular income. The affiliate marketing in india still not very popular as other countries because of unawareness and lack of implementation knowledge.

Let us check in detail some of the top affiliate programs which provide good income source opportunities. – Part of DGM group and offer commisiion based on leads. You should definitely a registered domain name as it will not work on blogspot or any other subdomain sites.

Affiliate Curry – It is a Indian Affiliate network program which  you can join as advertiser / publisher& offers commissions on sales, leads and clicks. Just add the advertisers codes on your website or blog and  start making money, the minimum pay out is 250 Rs (indian currency) payable via check.

ClixGalore India – It  will provide you sales commissions upto 75% and leads / signup options upto 400Rs Each.  Also Check Clixgalore Affiliate Program Review – A branded matrimonial site. You can make 25Rs / free signup and upto 2000Rs for paid signups with lifetime tracking options where in the commisions are paid when the sign ups are converted anytime. Join affiliate program

Bharat Matrimony – A group website which offers an affiliate program where the affiliates make upto 50% of the paid membership fees the members pay to bharat – Tyroo empowers your website to earn ad revenues for you. Once you Register with Tyroo, your website can potentially attract ads from advertisers across the globe. Ensuring you of a constant stream of advertising revenue.By joining the Tyroo network you offload your effort of selling ad space on your website to Tyroo. And just enjoy the revenues that your website has the potential to make.

Other sites:

PayPopUp offers very high pay out if you have got lots of visitors and impressions on your website, also offers pop up ads, In Page Banners, Pop-In Banners, Interstitial and multi level referral options. – Check it on the site.

Money Cosmos Affiliate Program review

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Also check Travel based affiliate programs in india

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  1. Rekha says:

    As per me netassets survey based affiliate programme is best in India.
    Its only for Indians, and really pays.
    one time registration fees is rs 100 or $2.5, but its worth. url is

  2. naveen says:

    can any body know any india based real affiliate program which really pays you !

  3. AngelaIsaxon says:

    Great post, keep it up.

    Your nr1 business portal

  4. The Cb Code says:

    Clickbank Affiliate Secrets Download And Promotion…

  5. Kapil says:

    It’s an Indian CPA Network with many International offers.

  6. Hi there!
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  7. I have looked at many sites and not come a cross such a site as yours that tells you what you really need to know about affiliate marketing.

    I’ve added your feed to my reader, are there any other good blogs you’d suggest I read on the subject?

  8. Attorney says:

    this is best cpa networks in india .

    i need this infomation.

  9. I was searching on bing for affiliate networks when I came upon your site. You gave me some awesome ideas here, I’ll be sure to watch for more info from you. Thanks a million!

  10. There are lots of Affiliate programs out there like Amazon, Clickbank, etc. Just sign up with them and see what works for you.`.’

  11. monurohila says:

    There are lots of Affiliate programs out there like Amazon, Clickbank, etc. Just sign up with them and see what works for you.`.’

  12. deepak says:

    I suggest you try the best paying CPA network in India. We are already working with them.

  13. Johny says:

    @deepak .. the given affiliates programs are some of the top networks and that cloveads are new so its better for us to use others like tyroo, amazon etc ..
    @monurohila .. the post is about affiliate programs in India ..

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