Clixgalore Affiliate Program Review

I was looking review for Clixgalore affiliate program in india but bad luck …I have not found a single one. So I decided to collect information about clixgalore as much as possible.

ClixGalore is a true valuable affiliate marketing program network for affiliate marketers. ClixGalore allows publishers to promote offers using both text and graphics advertisements. Another highlight about this network is its instant website builder tool which you can access that at the ClixGalore member home area where you can easily generate web pages for your merchants offers. Signing up to join ClixGalore is free.

ClixGalore affiliate network comprising of over 7500+ Merchants and many ten of thousands of Affiliates across our five networks in the USA, UK, Japan, Australia and India:,,, and The offers ranges from pay per lead, pay per sale and pay per sale kind of offers.

Some of the features of joining ClixGalore Affiliate Network :

1) A large Merchant program where ten of thousands of affiliates can participating from USA, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India.

2) It is Free to join and the admission rate is quite fast.

3) Excellent Publisher account area where all information is listed properly you can see a screenshot of it at the end of the post.

4) Allows email promotion as well as place ads on your newsletter.

5) The minimum threshold for payment is US$50 and made on a monthly basis, If you balance is more than $1000 electronically transferred to your bank account.

6) Instant website builder for affiliate who can generate professional HTML to promote merchants products.

7) Check out their demo how to manage your affiliate account.

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  1. Terrance says: in my experience is defrauding their affiliates. They only require their vendors to place 1 tracking code on one payment processor per site to track affiliate sales. So if the merchant happens to accept 3 or 4 different online payment methods (not including by mail etc..) Then the affiliates do not receive credit from these other payments.
    It’s unfortunate that most affiliates are newbies and would not know this or even think of it.

  2. Gopakumar says:

    I think Strong Future International’s (SFI) affiliate program is much more better than any other program of similar kind. There’s no joining fee. They provide 30 days free training, a free website and all the sophisticated softwares. Your affiliate commission is 72%, if you are in the level of a platinum team leader. SFI has a presence in more than 200 countries, including India. There’s one joining every 50-60 seconds. There’s no need to purchase anything or spend a Rupee, NEVER! For more details visit their URL:

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