AntiVirus Plugin for WordPress Blog

What will you do if your blog is affected by some virus, You can install a Antivirus 1.1 wordpress plugin developed by Sergej Mueller which will keep your blog clean form viruses. You know installing a plugin hardly takes 2 minutes so  you can download this free antivirus protection plugin from the wordpress plugins  section and activate it.

Antivirus 1.1 wordpress plugin features :


  • WordPress 3.x ready: Design as well as technical
  • Detect the WordPress permalink back door
  • Quick & Dirty: activate, check, done!
  • Manual testing with immediate result of the infected files
  • Language supports English, German, Italian, Persian, Russian
  • Automatic testing with notification
  • Whitelist: Mark as no virus
  • Clean up after uninstall the plugin

How to download & activate

  • Download AntiVirus plugin
  • Unzip the archive
  • Upload the folder antivirus into ../wp-content/plugins/
  • Go to tab Plugins
  • Activate AntiVirus
  • Edit settings
  • Ready to use….

You can go for manual scanning your templates , after which a report which tells if there is a virus found on your .php files or not or the option to recieve a email after a daily antivirus scan in case there is any virus found on your wordpress files which covers your admin, themes, plugins & images.

Post Last updated November 3 2011

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