Best web hosting company in delhi

I am looking for a good  web hosting company based in Delhi because i need best customer support. Which Company will you recommend to buy web or blog hosting. Price should be competitive, good back up ???

Is any one know any good name in this field …

I know some companies based in delhi like …

but which is best ????

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  1. Trish Fritz says:

    Before choosing, bare this in mind. Most specially if your website is a business type. Be sure that the web hosting site that you will choose provides a high security. You don’t want your customers money to be stolen right? Secondly, they should offer a big storage capacity. Even more great if it’s unlimited. And a huge amount of bandwidth, it should be fast. It should be up-time. You and your customer can access it 24/7. Provides domain names. And has a friendly user control panel plus a good web builder for those who doesn’t know programming.

    For you to check, review first and compare from different providers. Here’s where you can do that…
    Good luck!

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