How to add infolinks code in wordpress blog

Last updated : 25th november 2011 – Infolinks integration guide for wordpress – In this Post i will guide you how you will add infolinks code in wordpress blog to display infolinks ads in blog content.

infolinks intergeration

infolinks intergeration

Step 1  – First login to your infoinks account and click on the link Integeration  Guide.

Where you will find the  the code like this …

<script type=”text/javascript”>var infolink_pid = ABCD;</script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

ABCD is your account number.

Step 2 – Now  Login to your wordpress blog and then  go to

Wp-admin > Themes > Theme Editor > Footer.php

In the footer.php file, you will see a tag < / BODY >

Just above this tag, you have to paste the code and update this file by clicking the update button.

Finish !

I think it is an easy task which you can done easily !

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    Hello Arunii

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  2. immephelL says:

    Amazing, I did not know about this topic up to the present. Thanx.

  3. Sturm says:

    Thank-you so much! By the way, the tutorial is telling you to go to the footer.php in the website WordPress dashboard. I was trying to follow that path in my FTP and couldn’t find out what to do. This helped.

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