BSNL 3G Data Card Tariff Plans

BSNL  3G Data Card is available all across India.Now Bsnl is in same queue ad Reliance netconnect and Tata photon. Check BSNL 3G Tariff Plans and decide which to choose.

What is bsnl  3G Data Card ?

With BSNL 3G Data cards you can access internet, emails, orkuts, facbooks at anytime and  anywhere. .It provides you super mega fast speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. No tension of wires, Fixed Line Requirement, Cyber Cafe / Hot Spot to Access Internet. Just enjoy.

You can choose USB Type or .Express/PCMCIA Card.

How to use BSNL 3G Data card ?

You have to Plug in bsnl 3G Data Card into your laptop and can get the fastest available connection, with mobile broadband speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps. Its neat, compact design makes it easy to use; you can easily swap it between laptops for use at work, home or on the move. Laptops have a PC Card slot (also known as a PCMCIA slot), or an Express Card slot. There is PCMCIA to Express Card Converter For using 3G broadband ,you need 3G Data card ,network SIM card, software, user guide.

BSNL 3G Data Card Postpaid Tariff

MB 250

* Monthly Tariff – Rs. 250/-
* Free data usage – 300MB
* Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB

MB 400

* Monthly Tariff – Rs. 400/-
* Free data usage – 1GB
* Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB

MB 650

* Monthly Tariff – Rs. 650/-
* Free data usage – 2GB
* Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB

MB 1000

* Monthly tariff – Rs. 1000/-
* Free data usage – 5GB
* Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB

MB 3000

* Monthly tariff – Rs. 3000/-
* Free data usage – Unlimited

BSNL 3G Data Card Prepaid Plans :

* MBV 250
* MBV 400
* MBV 650
* MBV 1000
* MBV 3001

BSNL 3G Data Card Prepaid Tariff :

MBV 250

* Tariff – Rs. 250/-
* Free data usage – 300MB
* Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB
* Validity – 1 month

MBV 400

* Tariff – Rs. 400/-
* Free data usage – 1GB
* Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB
* Validity – 1 month

MBV 650

* Tariff – Rs. 650/-
* Free data usage – 2GB
* Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB
* Validity – 1 month

MBV 1000

* Tariff – Rs. 1000/-
* Free data usage – 5GB
* Additional data charges – 2 Rupees/MB
* Validity – 1 month

MBV 3001

* Tariff – Rs. 3001/-
* Free data usage – Unlimited 😉 much better than Reliance Netconnect card
* Validity – 1 month

Additional Top UP option for Prepaid BSNL 3G Data Card :

* Rs.120 – 100MB
* Rs.225 – 300MB
* Rs.260 – 500MB
* Rs.330 – 1GB


Bsnl data card (EVDO)

Tata Photon Plus vs Reliance Netconnect Broadband plus

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  1. kumar mritunjay says:


    i did bye 3g pre paid data card but it has been giving lots of trouble like
    1. network probe ,there r lot of probe facing due to weak network,
    2. custmer care 1503 its nt work like professional even they dnt use to take call ,
    3. i did recharge on 7/11/09 by 607 inr for 5 gb space but i just get 512 mb space and from tht day i m trying to contact custmer care(1503) but no body taking my phone

    3g cust name-kumar mritunjay
    3g number-9473422564

  2. akash says:

    i thouht that bsnl 3g will be cheapest but it is more costly than tata photon+. Photon gave overall 2gb at day and 10gb at night free for just 950 per month.

  3. pritam chakraborty says:

    b.s.n.l 1x cdma deta card service is verry poor…its very slow and verry week network service. i think mobile dial up connection is faster than deta card.

  4. P1 Qamal says:

    I would love to hear more about this matter.

  5. anup says:

    i will requred 3g data card in lalitpur (upe) for personal use

  6. R.Jha says:

    Very poor service from customer care in Eastern U.P.In fact,No one is there to solve a problem, works only perfunctorily.


    I think Reliance Net Connect is the best. I have a Post paid plan of this co. (Plan name I dont know). Plan is 750/- per month, with unlimited download and surfing.

  8. Rahul says:

    plz send me all info about bsnl 3g data card and tariff rel.send this website

  9. Chakravarthy says:

    Dear Friends,
    My name is Chakravarthy,Sales Manager for Virgin Mobile Data Cards.Virgin Mobiles(Tata Tele services) have launched their Data cards called VFlash recently in Indian Market.The cost of each device is Rs.3500/-.Here are its specifications.
    1.High speed 3.1 Mbps.
    2.Flash TV(Can watch live TV while travelling)
    3.First month subscription is free.
    4.Supports upto 8 GB SD Memory Card.
    5.Roaming Free all over India,you also give it ur loved ones if they are farr from u within India.
    The network in AP as per our survey is excellent.In Sec’bad few people are also getting 3.6 Mbps. For more details u can ring me on 9032926283.

  10. Vijay anand says:

    Whether we can get high speed(1.8mbps) in all cities? My city name is TRICHY. I heard its very low speed(about 144kbps) in cosmopolitan cities.
    Please reply.
    Thank you in advance.

  11. MANOHAR says:


  12. midhun says:

    am using mts mbrowsar data card its not too fast but its pans r good only 350 rs in 30 days (10pm to 8am ) unlimited plan

  13. Satish says:

    I am using BSNL 3G Data Card for last one years in Lucknow, the speed and Services are very good. Yeah, I agree that the Customer Care of BSNL is not so good, but the Data Services is good.

  14. Rinki says:

    Hi,I am using bsnl 1xcdma data card but it’s service is very poor..very weak network..n the speed is horrible..
    I am thinking of changing my plane to EVDA data card bsnl..ny1 pls suggest me it’s speed and service..M from Kolkata..

  15. vennila says:

    i have bought 3g data card just before a week.
    could any one tell me about the surfing time in night?(i.e, from 10pm to 8 am like wise)
    i have got 10 gb of space but don know when to use it .
    if anyone know, do tell me.
    thank u in advance.

  16. onali says:

    dear sir we want to change our plan for internet into 650rs per month our telephone no is0731 2892733 my mobile no is 9300621022

  17. mjmr says:

    Only BSNL provides 3G service in India right now. speed will be much faster compare to other 2G data cards (photon, Reliance,MTS) and cheaper too.

  18. Mohammed says:

    Hi All,
    I want to know the download speeds in BSNL’s 3G
    card for wireless broadband in Bangalore (preferably near majestic area). In the website and
    their shops theyt say its upto 3.1 to 7.2 Mbps
    depending on the type of device and area.
    Assume we have a device which supports 3.1 Mbps,
    and a good coverage, then what can be the download speed…?
    Does it come more than 150 to 200 KBps(for file download) in the worst case? What is the lowest speed and best speed

    experienced in your respective areas..?

    If possible please reply to my id

  19. Lakshminarayanan says:

    I have been surfing since quite long time and i have used Reliance Data Card, Airtel, Idea Net, Tata Indiacom besides BSNL Wired Broad Band, BSNL 2G and 3G. The BSNL Performance is more satisfactory when compared to all other operators. BSNL has variety of plans to choose also. But unfortunately a clear guide is not available with BSNL that make their service a backfoot when compared to others. But the BSNL speed can not be beaten or the plans. Please note that i am not commenting myself that all other operators are not good but BSNL is far far good that others in terms of speed.

  20. Mohammed says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am using BSNL 3G data card for broadband from the past 1 month.
    From yesterday, am observing the speeds are reducing drastically. Am just getting 800-1200 Kbps or 0.8-1.2 Mbps hardly.
    Is anybody else too experiencing the same………? If yes please reply.

    Do you know why is this happening? Is there any usage or speed capping in this BSNL unlimited scheme for 3G…..?

    Or is it a network problem with some network device down?
    If anyone has any idea about this pls reply to

    Mohammed P.

  21. asutosh says:

    Of course BSNL is not a customer friendly neither providing good services. Because as it is a Govt. enterprises and the people are getting their payment without any target. So its time to make changes the attitude of BSNL employees. For that in first step we the customers are the king and we can change their attitude by unsubscribe mass BSNL product…..

    Lets join hand….

  22. R.Saravanan says:

    my company using BSNL 3G Data Cord Connection, unlimited download plan, but we are receiving april month bill is 10200.00 really shocked.please dont use BSNL 3G Data cord, its a really cheating

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