Bluestar ac prices in India

Blue star Air Conditioner Price List India  Bluestar Window AC and Blue star Split AC prices  in Indian Rupee (INR). They are famous for their great Looks and long Life.

Blue star ac general features:

  • 3-Speed Cooling
  • 4-Way Air Distribution
  • Clean Filter Reminder
  • Power Saver Compressor
  • Advanced Fan Motor
  • Inner Grooved Condenser
  • Slide-in / Slide-out Filter
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Digital Display
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • Programmable Timer
  • Memory Backup
  • Sleep Mode
  • Quick Start

Blue star Window AC Price List for India

  • Bluestar WAERs.121YC price Rs 14,800
  • Bluestar WAERs.091Y price Rs 12,000
  • Bluestar Deluxe WAM241R price Rs 20,000
  • Bluestar WAE241YB price Rs 20,400
  • Bluestar Super Deluxe WAE181YA price Rs 17,500
  • Bluestar Deluxe WAM181R Rs 17,900
  • Bluestar Deluxe WAM181YA Rs.16,100
  • Bluestar Deluxe Series WR121M Rs.15,500
  • Bluestar Deluxe WAM121Y Rs.14,600
  • Bluestar KWAE121YA Rs.15,500

Blue star Split AC Price in IndiA

  • Bluestar 3HW181YA price Rs.29,000
  • Bluestar 3HW121YA price Rs.24,300
  • Bluestar 2HW221YA Rs.32,000
  • Bluestar 2HW181YA  price Rs.26,000
  • Bluestar 2HW121YA Rs.22,500
  • Bluestar 4HW241YA Rs.38,500
  • Bluestar 4HW181YA Rs.32,500
  • Bluestar 4HW121YA Rs.25,000
  • Bluestar MHWRs.361RB Rs.51,000
  • Bluestar MHWRs.301RB Rs.44,000
  • Bluestar SCRRs.481SB price Rs.99,000
  • Bluestar SCRRs.361SB Rs.80,100
  • Bluestar SCRRs.241RB Rs.55,000
  • Bluestar SCRRs.181YB Rs.50,100
  • Bluestar VCERs.541 R price Rs.81,300
  • Bluestar VCERs.421 R price Rs.64,300
  • Bluestar VCERs.301 R price Rs.51,500

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  1. Ovais says:

    Thanks for sharing the prices of AC’S . I have recently buy napoleon ac of 2 ton for 25000…its working great …i think this is a better option than bluestar acs…

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