Gsm cdma mobile price in India – Best dual sim gsm+cdma mobile phone

If you are looking for a Best dual sim gsm+ cdma mobile phone in India then you have various options depends on your budget.There are many mobile phones available in India now which support Duel Sim card GSM+CDMA.

On cheaper side – Gsm+cdma mobile phone under Rs 5,000

  • Grapes CG888 Dual SIM (GSM-CDMA) Mobile handset price In India Rs 5,000
  • Airfone AF31 -Price Rs. 4800 (GSM+CDMA)
  • Lemon Twin 220 -Price Rs. 4500 (GSM+CDMA)
  • Usha Lexus 878 D -Price Rs. 3500 (GSM+CDMA)

On budget side : Dual sim gsm/cdma mobile phone under rs 5,00 0 to 10,000

  • Karbonn KC750 price rs 55,00
  • The Fly DS440  price Rs 7000
  • Intex IN 5050 Price Rs. 6500 (GSM+CDMA)
  • Spice D-88 Gold Price Rs.7400 (GSM+CDMA)
  • Reliance Coolpad 288 Price Rs. 7200 (CDMA+GSM)
  • Reliance Coolpad 289 -Price Rs. 7900 (CDMA+GSM)

On expensive side : Dual sim gsm plus cdma mobile phone under rs 10,000 to 15,000

  • Spice D1111 Price Rs.14,500 (GSM+CDMA)
  • Micromax Gravity GC-700 Price Rs 11500 (GSM+CDMA)
  • Samsung SCH – W619 2 ON Mobile Price rs 14,000  (Also cdma + cdma)
  • Reliance Coolpad 2938 dual sim gsm+cdma mobile phone Price Rs. 12,500
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    Is MicromaX GC700 Gravity available in the market , anywhere in kolkata..if it is I need to know the contact no.and address.
    Please help

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