Samsung Microwave Oven Price in India – Convection, Grill & Solo microwave oven price list

Samsung Microwave Oven Price in India June 2010. Samsung microwave oven are faster, more spacious and more stylish than other companies.

Samsung Convection Microwave Oven Price – Only those products are mentioned whose prices are available

Samsung 28L C106FL Price Rs 13,300/-
Samsung 28L CE1031L Price Rs 11,800/-
Samsung 28L CE1031LAT Price Rs 12,200/-
Samsung 28L CE1072L-TS Price Rs 15,500/-
Samsung 32L CE117ALF-B – 13,900
Samsung 32L CE113AEL-S – 14,700
Samsung 37L CE137NE – 17,900/-
Samsung 37L CE1350 Price Rs 17,500/-

Samsung Grill Microwave Oven Prices in India

Samsung 23L CE283GLT Price Rs 8,050/-
Samsung 23L GE83HT-B Price Rs 7,600/-
Samsung 23L GE83YLT-WP Price Rs 7,800/-
Samsung 23L GE83ZL-E Price Rs 7,300/-
Samsung 23L GE83ZL-N Price Rs 7,350/-
Samsung 23L GE83ZL-Y Price Rs 7,400/-
Samsung 20L G273V Price Rs 5,800/-
Samsung 20L GW73C Price Rs 6,300/-
Samsung 20L GW73E-WB Price Rs 6,600/-

Samsung Solo Microwave Oven Prices

Samsung 20L MW71E Price Rs 3,800/-
Samsung 20L MW73V Price Rs 4,200/-
Samsung 23L MW83H Price Rs 4,800/-
Samsung 23L MW83Y Price Rs 5,200/-

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