My adsense learning experience with Google team

I got the opportunity to attend the “Learn with Google” event held at Taj hotel Chandigarh on November Ist which i also announced on my blog, the first ever event hosted by Google India Team in my nearby area.

My Journey to attend the event

I live in a town named Cheeka which comes under Distt. Kaithal in state Haryana, India so Chandigarh was 110 km far away from my home town.

I wake up at 6 am, get ready at 7 am and take the Haryana government bus
To Patiala. I reach Patiala at 8.00 am and it takes 2 minutes break there and again started which reached Chandigarh at 9 am. It takes my 45 minutes more to reach at Taj Chandigarh.

I entered at taj hotel ask about the google adsense event which was organized at first floor.

I saw the registration table. One of the member from adsense team ask about my name and my main site and then they handed over me the Google badge.

I entered the main hall where only 5-10 people were sitting but after few minutes 30-40 attendants were there. On the screen they are playing youtube adsense videos before actually starting the event.

My learning experience

It was long back when I read all the adsense policies in detail may be 2-3 years back so this event was good revision for me. In short they expain the adsense policies in detail with examples.

What I ask?

I ask two questions

Question 1: First about songs lyrics because many sites with same song lyrics escape from the google copyright penalty?

So they answer: It is upto you, take risk or not of loosing your adsense account or disabled ad on that particular site. Songs lyrics are copyrighted to the person who have written it so google says that you should first take permission and then go further.

More interesting converstion here at!topic/adsense/u86RhNFlF70

And you may be sued like

Now this is the most common question that comes in everyone’s mind ?

Someone’s website is violating the adsense rules (by copyright )and still earning good money but mine just one month old got banned why?

Google says that you can report it Google but they can not allowed it, They ask if someone is doing wrong you should also ? . It’s up-to you!

Very important point which clear all my doubts:

Some rules are less strict to Premium Adsense Publishers like news agencies or to big companies like, LinkedIn which runs google adsense ads.

Check more details here by India’s top authority blogger amit aggarwal and I think it will clear all your doubts like mine

The Privilege of Being an Adsense Premium Publisher

2nd Question:

I ask about if one of my family member want to open separate adsense account on same address ?

Reply : Still they say that it is not possible in India.

I search it also on google about the same and I found useful piece of information

If you need more than one AdSense account

So what Google expect from a adsense publisher?

  1. Be Original – Create sites with fresh, unique and relevant content.
  2. Be responsive – In case google team need to contact you about your account, make sure to keep the email address associated with them account up-to-date.
  3. Obey all adsense policies with respect and faith.

I make some friends in this event and also take some pics which i would like to share:

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  1. Rahul Kashyap says:

    It is nice post. but I have movie website and i have google adsense account. Can i use this account on my movie blog. please give me reply on my email ID.

  2. Arun Garg says:

    You can use adsense on any blog whether it is a movie or arts blog but make sure that the content you will write will be 100% original.

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