Which to choose – Blogger or Self hosted WordPress blog

On internet 7-8 blogging platforms are very famous which includes Blogger, Livejournal, Movable Type, Posterous, Squarespace, Tumblr, Typepad and WordPress. All these blogging platforms has good features but I will recommend only two which are blogger and self hosted wordpress.

Why i should accept your advice ?

Good question. Well i am not a problogger but who who are excel in this field recommends to use either blogger or self hosted wordpress (wordpress.org).

How to decide which to choose between blogger and wordpress?

Blogger platform – (???.blogpost.com)

Blogger or blogspot is a part of of Google company so you need just gmail account to create a blog through Blogger. Blogger platform some great features which can help you to decide whether you should choose this as your blogging platform

  • Ideal for Beginners who have no knowledge of what is blog, blogging and even do not know what is html. So it is a perfect solution for starters.
  • Economical –  if you do not want to pay for hosting fees, domain name and premium theme which cost around $100 per year (5000Rs / per year) at least in the beginning then blogger is made for you. Because later you can buy your own domain name and host it at Google hosting. Later you can also move your blogger blog to self hosted wordpress blog.
  • Simple to use widgets like popular posts,recent posts, recent comments etc.
  • Good visual editor which allows integerattion of your photos and videos. It also supoorts many regional languages.
  • Easy to integrate adsense ads which will help you to pay your utility bills  and also inspire you to become a professional blogger or regular blogger because you can earn more money from your blog.

Self hosted WordPress platform  – (www.?.com)

What is it –  It means you will be the proprietor or full owner of your blog . It need three things domain name, Hosting and wordpress installation. So it is ideal for :

  • Professional bloggers who have basic knowledge of blogging and html.
  • More control in design and navigation
  • Easy to use widgets and plugins
  • Lots of free theme designs available to choose from and you can provide your blog a more professional look by buying some professional themes.
  • You can sale your blog – In future , if writing is no more interestto you or you have choosed a different niche then you can sell your blog for a fair amount.

Still Not Convinced

Check this intertesting data found out by various sites like the first poll result is conducted by pingdom and ask the top 100 blogs in 2012 which is their favorite blogging software and in 2nd poll conducted by problogger darren rowse in year 2009 and he ask his readers which blogging platform they use ?

top 100 blogs blogging platform 2012

Top 100 blogs blogging platform survey results 2012


most popular blog platforms

blogging platforms poll results

Graph showing authority of blogging platforms
domain authority of blogging platforms
Uptime report of blogging platforms
blogging platform uptime report 2009

Final Words 

Blogger and wordpress both are equally good ! but why you will waste your time on blogger when you will must have to ultimately migrate to wordpress if you are a monetize blogger or professional blogger. Blogger platform is best suited for writing personal diaries.

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  1. Janmejai says:

    A Newbie should start his blogging using blogger and if he thinks that he is getting some traffic he can buy an domain later he can also opt for wordpress with self hosting,I have seen lots of blogs on blogger which are in top 10,000 Alexa Rank which means a huge Traffic.

  2. Matt Hayden says:

    I have several Blogger blogs. And it is a great platform in many ways. However, as you say, you have to go somewhere else if you want to monetize your blog fully. Of course WordPress is the best for this. But another platform you can use is Weebly. It’s basic compared to WordPress, but it certainly gets the job done and you can still put ads on there.

  3. Arun Garg says:

    Thanks Matt for recommending weebly i will surely give it a try !

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