5 Surefire Ways to Make Other People Read Your Blog

Who else wants to make their blog successful?

If there’s only one secret to make a blog successful, it would be building loyal readers.

How can you make other people read your blog then?

How to find the right blogging audience which love to read your blog and become a permanent visitor to your site ?

Here are few surefire ways to make anyone love reading your blog.

Find a blogging audience to read your blog

You should find a blogging audience to read your blog

1. Strive to have unique writing

There are lots of bloggers out there, every day thousands of blogs are being created. How can you stand out and make your mark on blogosphere then?
One of the best ways to make other people to read your blog is with your writing.

If you’ve interesting writing skills, everyone will love to read what you say. Because you will be educating the people along with entertainment.
The best ways to improve your writing is:

  • Write eye catching titles !
  • Use at least one image per post to get attention.
  • Read more (the more you read, the better you can write!)
  • Write more (write daily)
  • Try new angles in writing
  • Write faster (the faster you write, the better blog posts you can deliver!)

2. Connections come first

If you want to make your blog successful, you must have two things.

One is: online visibility
Other is: great connections with other bloggers
If you’ve great connections, you will get online visibility without any efforts. So, try focusing on building genuine relationships with other bloggers.
Tweet their blog posts, share their links,respond to their comments,  try connecting them through emails etc to engage with them.

Become a valuable person to others, this way you can create great impact on others.

“Don’t be a hero, let other person become a hero”

3. Invest money on design

“First impression is the last impression”

If a new visitor lands on your blog, he will first notice the design elements on your blog. No matter how great content you have, your design matters A LOT to grab other people attention to read your blog.

Invest money on logo, professional design and better plugins. There are many designers out there who will design logo and themes at reasonable price, make your design looking simple and stunning.

Use proper typography (Font size of 14 to 16 px and design friendly fonts like Georgia, Verdana etc). Use optin forms at most visible places on your blog to build your email list much faster.

4. Make your blog loading time faster

No one likes to read contents on the blogs with slow loading times.

Especially online readers have less span life, they go through a lot of blogs each and every day. If you want to grab their attention quickly, make your blog loading faster.

There are several ways to make your site loading time faster.

Use W3 cache: It’s one of the best cache plugins that will make your WordPress loading time REALLY faster by minifying the caches on your pages.

Use less plugins: No matter how much you love WordPress plugins, don’t use too many that are of no use. They will kill your blog’s loading time. Generally 80 to 85% of your blog loading time depends on your WordPress plugins. If you use light weight plugins, it won’t harm much, but using too many unwanted plugins can badly hurt your loading time.

Move to better hosting: If you’re using free hosting services or those hosting services with low bandwidth, try considering moving to a better hosting. You can immensely improve your blog’s loading time with your hosting service.

5. Don’t give up

Online success needs consistent efforts. You can NEVER expect overnight success in any business, right?

Make sure you’re working consistently on your blogging goals to make your online business a success. Don’t expect your email list, traffic and sales sky rocket within few months. It does take a lot of time to make it happen, till then you need to work hard on your goals.

Over to you:
Let me know if you’ve any more tips to make other people read your blog.

Written By Rahul Kuntala  & edited by Arun Garg

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  1. Nirmala says:

    Well said Arun n Rahul. Writing skill is more important to survive as a blogger and interactions with great bloggers too. I agree your points and am missing few of it. Will follow those and let all people to read my blog. Keep writing for newbies.

  2. Sneha says:

    Hi Arun,

    Thanks for sharing this precise post with well explanatory points. I loved the image you have posted.

    These words are very meaningful for a blogger – “Blog for someone, not about something”

  3. Arun Garg says:

    Thanks Sneha for liking my post and for your kind words !

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