Google Panda Penguin EMD comic strip with cartoons

Google time to time update its search engine with new ranking singals which we called algorithms but in last two years Panda,  Penguin and EMD are the most popular which totally change the scenario of search engine ranking positions. While searching on web i came across  with some beautiful cartoons which are funny and informative as well which truly describe what google expect from its webmasters. Lets check and learn from them one by one !

Cartoon 1 related to frequent changes by Google –

It teaches to all webmasters how it is important to update yourself with google algorithm changes time to time !

Google frequest algorithm updates

Google frequest algorithm updates

Cartoon 2 related to Google panda update –

Which harm those websites who are involved in creating thin content or low quality content either to promote their affiliate products or to serve ads. So kalin nacheff celebrated the 1 year anniversay of google panda on his blog by posting

Google Bloodthirsty Panda Massacre cartoon

Google Bloodthirsty Panda Massacre by – image credit to  Kalin Nacheff

 Cartoon 3 shows

How google fool the people by first promoting the wrong tactics in adwords and then hit them with their new breed animals panda and penguin.

Panda penguin Dinner Party 2012

Panda penguin Dinner Party 2012 – Image credit to Kuno creative

Cartoon 4 clearly shows

Who will survive in future and get rewards by google and also socially.

Authentic List who enjoyed the Panda penguin Dinner Party

Authentic List who enjoyed the Panda penguin Dinner Party – Image credit to Kuno

Cartoon 5 related to Google Exact Match Domain algorithm –

Which hit those website who are taking the advantage of keyword in their domain name.

Google Exact Match Domain hit illustration with Cartoon

Google Exact Match Domain hit illustration with Cartoon  – image by Elevated search

Cartoon 6 related to the big names in Internet Marketing

Want to get authority in the niche you are working ? Just follow the below mentioned persons (except Vanessa and Brad) !

best SEO gurus cartoons

who-knows-the-best-SEO-Strategies ? – Image credit to rankedhard 

These images are just put for fun and by no means of harming their image or reputation. If you are hurt by any means then please notify me i will remove the same !

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  1. Janmejai says:

    Haha Nice compilation of images,Google animals are the most dangerous among all this.

  2. Aakash Goyal says:

    Haha lol nice collection of images of evil panda.nice comics. :)

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