10 Online Trends for 2013 that should Be On Your Radar

A multitude of changes to the Google search algorithm, big data that got a whole lot bigger, a billion Facebook users, an explosion in inbound marketing techniques. There’s lots to remember about 2012. But what’s next? What’s going to be hot in the online world for the next twelve months?

While we haven’t got the benefit of a crystal ball, here’s our best guess as to what will be giving us food for thought in 2013.
Online Trends 2013

Brand Publishing 

The message that content is king has well and truly hit home. Brands will truly recognize the value of creating content that is unique, fresh, and interesting and start doing so in earnest.

Crowd funding Will Grow

Whether or not the Republicans continue to block the JOBS Act (Jump start Our Business Start ups), the idea that they might has drawn plenty of attention to the crowd funding landscape. Expect entrepreneurs, if not businesses, to take full advantage.

Less Infographics

While there’s a lot of truth in the saying “a picture can say a thousand words,” some marketers have been guilty of using infographics to the extreme. That fad is set to lose pace, as businesses turn to searchable written content.

Power in the Pocket

There has been an undeniable change in the path to the cash register. Creating a mobile app is not enough. Brands will create multiple touch points to cater to various smartphone and feature phone operating systems, tablets, and connected TVs.

Social Media Encompasses More Than Marketing

The C-Suite is looking at how social media strategy can improve their bottom line and that vision goes way beyond the marketing department. Expect to see increased social media usage in terms of it being a tool for learning, recruitment, and lead cultivation.


The benefits of collaborating on content will not be overlooked. The effort that goes into the production of content (whether it be a 10 page report or a 500 page book) will be much better rewarded when two or more professionals are plugging it.

Branded Entertainment will be Big Business

Disruptive advertising will largely be shown the door. We will see an increasing number of brands creating advertising in the guise of entertainment. Facebook games are ideal example of this.

Live Customer Service

In a world where customers are quick to complain via social networks, the companies who recognize this and place excellent support at these touch points will thrive and outshine their competitors. And the world will see them do it.

Monitoring will go Mainstream

Businesses will move past the stage of social media marketing to integrate the power of effective monitoring of the same. Expect better targeting of influencers, better segmentation of audiences. and accurate measuring of impact as a result.

WordPress Will Get Even Bigger

With the introduction of the Enterprise platform in December 2012, we can expect more businesses to take up WordPress as their platform of choice. An increased amount of business-centric plugins will be a natural result.

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Linda Forshaw is a Business Information Systems graduate from Lancaster University in the UK. A frequent contributor to university ranking sites such as DegreeJungle, she is a full time writer and blogger specializing in education, social media, and entrepreneurship. Contact her on Twitter @seelindaplay

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