My Blogging and small business Goals for 2013

I want to start year 2013 with defining my goals for 2013 and then determined to achieve them at any cost. I think if you are reading this post then you should also set some goals so that you can find what you want to achieve. I just take up blogging and web business seriously and i want a decent authority in the blogosphere.

Blogging & small business goals 2013

To Gain readers trust by providing honest information  –

I want whoever read arunii find a good and trusted information which he was looking for so whatever i will write, first i will implement and tell you why you should implement it too !

To help Newbie bloggers –

I want if a newbie blogger or fellow reader come to my blog one can find helpful resources and also can easily contact me if more help needed.

Building relation with fellow bloggers

Yes i want to build relationship with other bloggers but good relationship only with like minded bloggers because i know only they will help me in my critical time or decision making. Building relationship matters in blogging because it helps you to build your authority in your niche and also to get loyal visitors to your blog.

Active on Social media –

I have missed it for so long and due to this i admit that now i am struggling on all social platforms but in 2013 I will be more active then on my mobile phone, gmail even more than on at

To expand blogging business in Local Market –

For this I am planning to create a local business site which will help me to make  my identity in local community and also i will get some business leads.

Will Concentrate More on Niche Marketing Business

Yes i have booked some domains which will target to specific niche and i will launch them soon and if i made some decent profits i will share you the success story.

Making enough money –

By Affiliate marketing but i will promote only those affiliate products which satisfied me first or at least  have enough trust already in the market. By direct advertising  and will also try other advertising networks.

I will also write what i am doing to achieve these goals which i missed in this post so stay tuned !

What are your goals for 2013 please share ……in comments….

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  1. Hi Arun,
    I came to your blog via iTechcode and this is my first visit.

    I believe that setting achievable goals is one thing that any business person should not ignore.

    I’ve also set my own goals for 2013 but I’m yet to publish it on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing and happy new year.

    BTW: A nice blog you have here.

  2. Arun Garg says:

    Thanks Theodore for your nice visit and encouragement.

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