Convert your personal blogging into professional writing in 6 easy ways

Do you know the main ingredient in great piece of writing ? It is the in depth information which we appreciate and share it with others. I am at present blogging at arunii about internet marketing related topics but still main focus on my blogging experiences, seo industry, link building, wordpress, content marketing and social media. I write in my own language without caring too much on grammars, spellings but still i try that i do minimal mistakes so if a person blogging and hesitating that he can not be a great writer follow these simple methods and i am sure you will become a better writer at least if not perfect !

If you want to be a great writer aka blogger, do two things: read more, write more.

No one will be interested reading your blog if you don’t have convincing writing skills.

There’s no need for you to be a top notch writer to write captivating lines. But you should know how to attract your readers with your writing.

perosn blogging to professonal wrting

personal blogging to professional 


Write often:

Writing only improves when you write more often. There’s no other way to enhance your writing skills without “writing often”. Set aside some time daily to write something. Write whatever comes into your mind, there’s no need to write which are related to your blog topics.

You can share your personal views, life stories or love stories and write them on a notepad – this way you will have more impact on your writing skills. Your 50th post will be definitely a great one when it’s compared to the 1st post. Remember this point if you want to become a better writer.

Read the best readings:

I suggest anyone to read the top blogs on copywriting like,, write to done etc. blogs to learn the best stuff. Observe how the great writers are writing, crafting their posts.

You must know how to repeat the same on your blog posts to grab your readers attention. Also observe how the great writers are targeting their readers emotions, and how they are ending their blog posts (i.e. Call to actions). This way you can easily analyze how to write an effective copy. I don’t say that you can easily create great blog posts after reading their advice, but you can definitely create captivating posts when you repeatedly follow their tips and tutorials on writing.

Editing is the key:

If you want to make your readers to take some action after reading your blog posts, then make sure you are writing a tight copy. The copy with less complex words and edit the useless words mercilessly. Don’t write just for the sake of word count, no one will like to read or share your contents when it is filled with useless shit. Always remember that, editing should be done ONLY after writing the posts. Most bloggers, especially the new bloggers edit often while writing something on their blog posts.

What happens when you edit while writing?

You will simply waste your precious time. Don’t edit while you write. Editing and writing are 2 different phases which should be done one after the other. Moreover you can edit your posts better once you done writing part.

Use the word YOU:

Do you know the BEST copywriting secret that makes anyone to read your blog posts till the end? It’s the usage of the word “YOU”. The word ‘you’ has a great power to admire your readers. It will create a great bond with your readers till the end of the blog post. Make sure you are using the word you always on your posts to grab others attention.

Create a structure that will attract:

You must know how the web content format works. You need to craft your posts in such a way that will immediately attracts others attention to read your posts.

  • Use subheads
  • Include images
  • Bullet points
  • Italic your special words
  • Use relevant links

That’s how you can make it easy for your readers to read your posts and digest what you are saying without any hassle.

End with a CTA:

This is a must if you want to get something out of your blog posts. What do you want from your readers from every single blog post? Is it getting comments, subscribers or purchasing your products? Give them clear directions at the end of your posts to get more attention.

If I missed any point please share it in comments !

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