Asian Bloggers reporting invalid adsense clicks What to do ?

adsense click bombing

I am a adsense publisher from last 3-4 years and never ever has faced a situation like this of click bombing (invalid clicks done by some humans or bots).

In the last 7-10 days, I observe a sudden increase in clicks on my adsense ads so first i think that someone is knowingly clicking the ads but when I search on google adsense help forum I found that this is the common problem  bloggers facing.

I thanks Indian blogger Nishant Srivastava who started the thread on adsense forum and provide the relief to so many bloggers that it is a common problem that everyone is facing.

Link to forum thread!msg/adsense/7pF83k8TaP4/gb085fNsYW4J

I can feel the pain to loosing adsense account and many bloggers loose their adsense account due to this invalid click activity.

Now What we can do to solve this issue ?

  1. We can temporarily remove the ads and wait for the problem to be solved and then again put the ads .
  2. A forum member abhijeet1983 recommended that a solution based on his own experience he suggest that you should put your ads inside the posts and avoid ads on sidebar widgets, header, footer etc. (I personally tried this and getting good results as you can check it on arunii that no ads on sidebar widgets…)
  3. Two Plugins which you can try – Who see ads and Cbprotect – Personally I have not implemented these above mentioned plugins on my blog so you have any experience of using these plugins please write in comments.
  4. How to display ads only to search engine visitors –
  5. I personally reported to google through their contact form about this invalid clicks

When i search the image to post on this blog I also found some related posts and invalid activity observing by other bloggers.


Are you also facing the same problem and what you are doing to solve this issue  ?

Write in comments ! and share it with your friends and help them in a small way !

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  1. George says:

    Hi Arun,
    Me too had the issue of invalid clicks on my Adsense account few days back. But now it seems to have settled down.

    George recently posted…Blogging, the Best Way to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  2. Arun Garg says:

    Thanks George for reporting.

    I also think that the issue has now resolved but for how long only god knows.

  3. I’ve not started using AdSense but many of my friends got their account banned due to this issue.

    You have mentioned some great ways to solve this issue. Keep up the good work!! :)
    Thejas Kamath recently posted…Help Me to Win Guest Blogging Contest at BloggingcageMy Profile

  4. Arun Garg says:

    Thanks Thejas for your nice words and my best wishes to win Blogging Contest.

  5. Nizam Khan says:

    Useful post Arun! Well, these tips are indeed useful. Well, don’t know when this issue is going to be solved and when will Google do something about this issue. Till, then we have to take preventive measures and wait for the problem to get solved. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)
    Nizam Khan recently posted…The Difference Between A Whitehat And Blackhat HackerMy Profile

  6. Ravi Verma says:

    Hi Arun… Nice tips you have provided to the Adsense users. 😀

    And Thanks for linking my blog article in the post ;).

    Nice to see it here and also glad it became a part of the post 😀

    Happy Blogging
    Ravi Verma
    Ravi Verma recently posted…All in One SEO Pack Gets A Major UpdateMy Profile

  7. Siju George says:

    Nice article with most possible solutions for a big issue most of the bloggers fear. Every day I am closely watching my Adsense report but not yet faced this click bomb issue but I too worry any time it may happen. Your article gives some insights about the issue and possible remedies. :
    Siju George recently posted…Disable Or Enable Task Manager From Group Policy EditMy Profile

  8. Arun Garg says:

    Thansk siju for your nice comment.

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