Why a blogger should focus on one single or Niche blog

To make any business a success focus is very important and that is also true in blogging. If you are professionally blogging  and you want the desire results, always focus on your goals without distracting.

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Why should you focus on one single blog ? ( at-least in starting :0 )

You can  check lots of examples in blogging like  labnol,shoutmeloud , trak.in, or  you can see big players like google, apple, facebook, twitter, flipkart all their founders have just focus on single product and you can see the success they have achieved over time.

“First make identity of yourself in the blogosphere and then proceed further” – arunii.com

My Personal Experience

In the past, I have worked on so many blogs simultaneously  and the end result is zero. Now my complete focus will be on arunii.com and related niches. I am personally enjoying and feeling satisfied now because lots of ideas came in my mind related tomy niche only.

Advantages of Focusing on single blog – 

You will get the various advantages of focusing on one single blog like

Helps you to focus

Lots of distraction is a part of internet work lifestyle so if you will focus on one single blog

  • you can prepare in advance what to write
  • help you to write more posts
  • you will more take care of the blog design
  • you will deeply analytics the blog what is working or what is not
  • all above points help you to build more traffic and audience.

Time advantage

Lots of your friends and others dividing their time in building more than one blogs may be they can earn more from you in the beginning but believe me slow and steady wins the race.

Targeted audience advantage

You have a audience for your blog and you matters to them. Whenever you will write something they will look upon what you have written.

Advertising advantage

Money is important for all and that is also true for advertisers so where they will spend their money ?  Obviously where they find the loyal and targeted audience.

Money Matters 

You had spend your lots of time in building a niche blog so may be in future you want to sell it for a good price. So your niche blog will bring more money in your pocket.

Great Impact

How small can be your niche but if provide lots of information in that niche which helps people to solve their  problem believe me they will listen to you. They will come at you and they will speak about you which means you are creating great impact in your particular niche.


If you will not focus, you may loose money and time which you have spent on your building a blog.

Share your views what you think about importance of focus for a blogger?

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  1. Vijesh says:

    Hey Arun I liked the Quote
    “First make identity of yourself in the blogosphere and then proceed further”

    I too follow the same principle slow and steady wins the race. When we take so much pain in building a blog and focus on a single niche I believe it would be hard to sell. what do you say Arun?
    Vijesh recently posted…Strategies to turn your Blog into the Next Campus CrazeMy Profile

  2. Arun Garg says:

    Hey Vijesh,

    I agree with you but no body knows about the future situations. Money is such a thing which make many things from impossibe to possible.

    May be I and You think the same way but friend a lucrative offer can change our mind also.

    Also i will write a post why everyone should build One main blog and 2-3 mini blogs sidewise.

  3. Sourav says:

    Hi Arun,
    Loved the Steve jobs quote. Btw, what you tried to highlight is really very interesting. General and newbie bloggers like me should relly focus on one blog only, so as to give their 100 % in building that one blog. But once a blogger gets established, then he/she can have other side blogs in order to diversify the things. I just read a beautiful post about this yesterday in one of the blogs.
    Sourav recently posted…6 Reasons To Comment On Other BlogsMy Profile

  4. Ravindra says:

    I agree with this. People just want to make money and they forget about the initial effort that they need to put. It’s always better to concentrate on one instead of multiple blogs.

  5. Arun Garg says:

    Thanks Sourav for liking the post and we both think the same way.

  6. Nice read…. But it depends on the individual capacity and knowledge only… Generally focusing on one aspect is always better…….
    Debopam Banerjee recently posted…Ultimate collection of creative Facebook timeline covers.My Profile

  7. Dhaval says:

    Yes indeed! We should focus on one blog only. Sme newbie bloggers think that if they have many new blogs then they would be more benefitted..
    Dhaval recently posted…Outstanding 200+ Commentluv enabled Blogs ListMy Profile

  8. Very well said! A single goal is always better than multiple ones!

  9. Rajesh says:

    I agree with you.

  10. Karan says:

    I totally agree with you that once focus should be on single topic, I’m new to blogging and while searching for blogs to connect with, I found out that their are too many tech blogs and their owners are blogging randomly at any new thing that is the center of attraction at that particular moment whereas I believe their sole focus should on one particular technology that can get them more targeted audience.
    Karan recently posted…Upload Video To Multiple Sites At OnceMy Profile

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