How to Deal with an unexpected situation

Unpredictable moment can be occur anytime in our lives and can be the reason for a great stress. Only one thing is predictable about the unexpected situation that it always happen there is no certainty about it.

“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.” – Eli Khamarov

 I’m pretty sure that everyone has faced an unexpected situation in his life, in rare cases If you haven’t experienced any unexpected change in your life yet, I’ll guarantee that you will.

unexpected situation

unexpected situation

Unexpected change can be positive or can be negative because its easy to deal with positive things, but to deal with negative unexpected change you have to be prepared in advance.Some unexpected events can change our entire lives in few seconds, and can create a question in our mind,how we live our lives.

Unexpected positive/negative examples in Blogging

+ve example =  You get the call from google that you are promoted to premium adsense publisher.

-ve example – Your adsense account has been disabled.

The degree of affection of each event depend on how we observe it.The changes like the death of a loved one, natural disaster like an earthquake or flood, lost a large sum of money, lost friendship, lost of job can be the reason for a darkness in someone life.Facing an unexpected situation 1st time is always harder but after it get little easier because you can expect if that kind of change happens again so the degree of impact has been reduced in second time.

The tips mentioned below can help you upto a limit to tackle better with the unpredictable event occur from time to time in our lives.

Accept changes :

Change is the rule of nature,nothing is stable in this should remember one thing the world is not in your control.Some of those changes that happen will be unexpected.We cant anticipate these changes but try to accept these changes.Once we understand this concept, it will make it easier to deal with change.

Breathing :

Take few long breath to feel relax yourself, Don’t panic give proper time to you to hold the situation and divert your mind into the direction of solution because if u feel relax you will be perspectives.

Take a break :

After feeling relaxation you should take a break from daily routine activities and covert your mind into other activities like Spending time with friends,involvement in social activities. It will help you to forget unnecessary stress and keep fresh your mind.

Share problems :

After some time when you feel that you are ready to cope up with the situation discuss your problems with someone like a co worker, a friend or loved one who you can trust and suggest you right solution of the problems.

Looking for positive aspects :

Instead think about the negative affect of changes look for the positive aspects. And feel that god has think something good for us.Spend your precious time with the people you care about and who also care about you.Think about the things that you have indeed that you lost.

Never look back :

Always keep ahead never look back, you can never change the past its over. It takes a few time to forget about past but try to look forward because life can never stop for you.

Make new plans :

Now its time to start a new way to think about your future plans.Think this is the starting point of journey and just concentrate on your future goals, what you really want to achieve in life. this is a wonderful opportunity to explore other possible paths to get there.

Convert into action :

This is the time to give a shape to your goals and full dedication to achieve them.Concentrate on your available options and adopt a right path to reach them.The first step will be the hardest step to take, but once you’ve taken that one, the others will be easier.

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  1. Dhaval says:

    Well written Rupali! Loved the points- Never look back and see good aspects!
    Dhaval recently posted…WhatsApp Plus : The Perfect WhatsApp Theme TrickMy Profile

  2. Hiten says:

    Hi Rupali,

    This was a great post! I loved what you wrote about accepting change. So much heartache comes from us not being able to accept that things, situations and people will always change. We too are always changing. Change needs to be embraced in order to deal with the unexpected.

    Thank you.
    Hiten recently posted…Making Mistakes in Life is Really GoodMy Profile

  3. Vijesh says:

    Hey Rupali, surprised and impressed to see you here. Surprised to see you as a guest blogger? I am impressed because you talked like a life coach or what we say a person who gives counseling to people who are facing tough time. So now I too need to change my plans and stress more on actions to face some of the unexpected situations I am going through now.
    Vijesh recently posted…Income Reports of Indian bloggers to get inspirationMy Profile

  4. Rajesh Jhamb says:

    Hey Rupali,
    very nice article
    god propose bad situations in every one’s life to see how can you tackle this. bad situation test your patience also

  5. ruchi jindal says:

    Hey Rupali, this is a great post .I like it …everybody surrounded many unexpected situation but everyone cannot tackle unexpected situation only few people can adjust with the Unexpected change very easily. Sometimes our life up and down. That’s why we donot lose our temper…..and also adjust with change in life.

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