Simple Things I do while surfing other’s blogs (You too)

We all spend our considerable  time on Internet to read other people’s blogs filled with great content, beautiful images and innovative videos. Obviously  we visit only those blogs which are related to our work , things which are we passionate about and blogs which connect us with like minded people.

So in our daily routine we visit lots of blogs but ignore some basic things which might help us to build a new connections, new visitors and new loyal readers.

simple things

Things which i try to do while visiting other blogger’s blogs

I Like their facebook page –

If I found their blog interesting. I like their facebook page and facebook will notified the blog owner that this person has liked your page. Blog admin then see who is that person and if he find me worth connecting. He connects with me , may like my facebook page as well. I build one new connection by doing just simple thing.

I Follow them on twitter

If i find the other blogger’s tweets interesting and related to my niche. I follow him on twiter. This will again do the same task notified the blogger on their email that this person has followed you on twitter and vice versa.

I follow them on Google+

Like twitter, Google plus is equally important and i think google plus will get more weight-age in coming time.

I Like their individual posts & tweets about them

If I found a  interesting article then i definitely like it in facebook, tweet about it  and g+ it. All these activities help me to get the attention of other bloggers.

I leave a meaningful comment

I try my best to leave a comment which truly express my views, what i think about it and if a have a doubt i ask it on comment. This also helps me in connecting with new blogger’s.

I vote for them

I vote for them on social voting sites and share on my own timeline on facebook, google plus.

I connect with them on other social media sites

I try to network with them on other social platforms which again help me to build a strong network.

All these simple things helping me to connect with new blogger’s, building a great network , community and gaining new readers at

Well the post is very simple and nothing extraordinary is written in it but I hope you will still like it and enjoy it.

(Like my Facebook page :)  ha ha)

What’s your thoughts and what you do ? 

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  1. My Say says:

    nice Arun .. thats a thoughtful way of developing strong bonding with co bloggers :)
    My Say recently posted…Sharif invites PM Singh on oath taking ceremonyMy Profile

  2. Rohit Sharma says:

    Yes Arun, I completely agree to your thoughts – simple things do matter a lot in life and success. :)
    Rohit Sharma recently posted…How to Observe Effective Blog PromotionMy Profile

  3. Anurag Jain says:

    Hey Arun…nice article !!

  4. Sourav says:

    That’s great Arun. I also try to follow most of the points that you have mentioned, liking FB page, following on twitter, commenting, sharing the post on twitter and also voting for the post on Blogengage and Indiblogger. ButI think I will have to do them more often.
    As you said, it is a good way to get in touch with other bloggers.
    Sourav recently posted…How to Add Pinterest Pin It Image Hover Button On BloggerMy Profile

  5. Yes definitely… That’s the way to network and build strong bonds!

  6. Arun Garg says:

    welcome rohit at arunii

    Thanks for your thoughts

  7. that’s nice way of catching up with co-bloggers.i almost do like this.

  8. Vijesh says:

    Should learn some of your habits Arun, I dont use G+ should try to use it. For now let me tweet and like your article.
    Vijesh recently posted…How to Increase the chances of getting an Approved Adsense accountMy Profile

  9. chaitanya says:

    That’s useful, thanks. Makes me realize that there’s so much more I can do than just reading and commenting- I can help promote the blogger too. It’s good food for thought.

  10. Rat says:

    good thought of appreciating and also a nice way to build a relationship with co-bloggers. nice post.

  11. Jiggyasa says:

    Great way for networking :) builds stong alliance with co-bloggers!

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