Why a blogger should never miss Blogging Meetups

I recently attend my first blogger meet in Mohali (chandigarh, India) organised by Indiblogger and SAS Group of Institutions Mohali.  I learn lots of things from other bloggers and my lots of doubts solved in this meet.


Blogging Meetups

Before going into this meet, I was feeling what I will get to attend this meet because so much information is already available on internet, Should I travel 100 km from my place to attend this event ?

Frankly speaking, I have 50-50 plan to attend this meet because of hot temperature in mohali and I have came across some negative reviews regarding these meetup’s like no quality discussion, Organizer’s overtake ..blah blah

But when Shanker bhakshi (NetprofitMantra) the host of this event announced on Facebook that Harsh agrawal (shoutmeloud) is coming in this meet then i make sure that i will definitely attend this  meet.

Believe me the experience was awesome ! So if you missed the event in your local place make sure you never miss because it will help in

Building new contacts –  

It helps you in building new contacts in the same profession. I think having contacts and networking is the only way to lead in blogging and online business.

Solve your doubts –

Face to face interaction is always better than online interaction. So if have any doubts working online , meet ups are the best place to resolve your issues.

Refreshes You with new ideas-

I work from home so i do not interact face to face in everyday life so when you go in the community, it will refreshes you with new ideas and strategies which may you have not think before.

Boost Your Confidence

When you see the other blogger’s who are doing really well in the same niche then  you will realize you can also do !

Make you a better blogger

Interaction, your personal experience,  Helping others, How to behave publicly these things you learn in meet’s up. If you implement the tips provided by the leading blogger’s during meet up’s then I am sure you will become a better blogger.

Stay tuned I will share what i learn from this meet.

What You say regarding meetups and share your personal experiences with us.

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  1. Sourav says:

    That’s a nice experience. I have never attended any blogger meets, even though I would like to.
    Waiting for your follow up posts about your experience. Do upload photos also, if you have.
    Sourav recently posted…What New Bloggers Can Learn From Female BloggersMy Profile

  2. Kislaya Gopal says:

    Oh that was nice to know! Thanks for sharing! Next time it is in my city, I would definitely go for it. :)

  3. My Say says:

    Arun this post was an eye opener .. although Kolkata has no such meet ups but anyways I have enough reasons to go to any other city to attend the meet ups .. I got the importance of socializing out of virtual world !!
    My Say recently posted…Thought Of The Day-MockingMy Profile

  4. Vijesh says:

    Hey Arun,
    Glad to hear that you are an eye witness of the Bloggers Meet where Harsh Agarwal gave his first Presentation.

    Shanker Bakshi used to have a nice blog in the past but don’t know why he is not serious these days. May be he is focusing on something else. Shanker Bakshi can be called as Indian John Chow because he used to give nice marketing tips. He also interviewed Amit Agarwal in the past. Arun can you share more of your experiences happened in the meetup. Especially about what Harsh and Shanker spoke.
    Vijesh recently posted…Strategies to turn your Blog into the Next Campus CrazeMy Profile

  5. Sfurti says:

    Hey, I am a new blogger and after reading this….no second thoughts about attending it whenever it happens..thanks

  6. Arun Garg says:

    Ya definitely i will share the whole experience regarding this meet.

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